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Social Security Benefits Check List

Adults who are disabled may be able to receive benefits under the Social Security Disability program. An application requires many pieces of supporting documentation before an individual is able to be approved for the program. If you are an individual who is applying social security disability benefits, use the following checklist to ensure that you bring all of the required documentation to your Social Security Disability interview.

  • Social Security Benefits Checklist
  • Social Security Disability application
  • Form DD 214 if you were discharged from the military. The form should list every time period in which you were on active duty
  • Prior year's tax returns. Include a W-2 form if you were traditionally employed or Schedules C and SE if you were self-employed
  • A list of every financial institution with which you have an account. Include the name of the bank, whether you have a checking or savings account for each institution, your account number. You will also need this information if you are planning to have your potential benefits directly deposited into your account
  • Social Security numbers for every person in your household
  • Contact information for your physician or anyone else who is aware of the nature of your disability
  • Detailed list of locations in which you received medical treatment. Include the name, address, telephone number and fax number for each treatment center. Also include your account or patient identification number, the name of the doctor who treated you and the dates in which you were treated
  • Medical records that indicate the nature of your disability
  • Names of prescription medications prescribed to you, the name of the healthcare provider who prescribed them and the reason why they were prescribed. Also include the date in which the prescriptions were made
  • A detailed list of any type of medical tests or blood work that was completed on you recently
  • Information regarding your employment history for at least the last ten years
  • Information regarding Workers' Compensation benefits that you received and claims that you filed. Include your claim number and contact information for the program administrator

Available Assistance

As you can see from this Social Security Disability benefits checklist, applying for Social Security Disability benefits requires numerous forms. Gathering and organizing all of this information can be extremely time-consuming. Disability Benefits Alliance can assist you with this task so that you will be more likely to receive benefits. You can request a consultation for representation. Additionally, if you were denied Social Security Disability benefits, Disability Benefits Alliance can help you file an appeal and represent you during the hearing.

If you were denied SSD benefits or you need assistance with gathering the materials, medical records and other forms of documentation on the Social Security Disability Benefits Checklist or to receive more information about the checklist or helpful information you need to know if you are applying or if you have been denied Social Security Benefits, call us now at 800-516-1314.